Bilbao waits for the HERITAGE-PRO team

The next HERITAGE-PRO meeting will take place in Bilbao, the center of the Basque country in Spain. Meanwhile the first versions for the HERITAGE-PRO training modules are available, drafted by our colleagues Christer Gustafsson and Jermina Stanojev from Swedish RESTRADE company. This was a challenging task and our discussions of the first versions will be challenging as well: Although we know what the future requirements in heritage preservation are going to be, it is not so easy to align with our interdisciplinary approach. However, the HERITAGE-PRO team is happy to meet again and dicussions face-to-face will allow to come to decisions and agreements. ( Our blog picture shows the best-known landmark of Bilbao, the Guggenheim museum / picture credits javierAlamo on Pixabay)
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