Consultation with Advisory Board member Thomas Metz on HERITAGE-PRO training modules

HERITAGE-PRO team is proud and honoured that eight European high-ranked experts of the heritage field accepted our invitation to join the team with their expertise and knowledge in the HERITAGE-PRO Advisory Board. The German partners Entwicklungsagentur Rheinland-Pfalz and coordinator Kultur und Arbeit asked one of the German members of the Board for a consultation on the future training modules which are currently developed. Director Thomas Metz of General Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Rhineland-Palatinate and heritage expert Emine Güngör discussed in a two hours session questions like that with the German partners Karin Drda-Kühn, Susanne Gill, Sascha Kolhey and Rainer Zeimentz:
  • How academic can / should the HERITAGE-PRO training modules actually be, i.e. what is “reasonable”, especially with regard to different educational backgrounds of potential participants?
  • What basic theoretical knowledge do all participants need to be equipped with, regardless of their professional background?
  • Would he recommend developing the modules differently for different target groups? If so, what would be the profile of these different target groups?
  • How does he assess the willingness of staff at cultural heritage institutions to actually engage in in-service training?
  • Would he recommend to conduct the training as a self-study module or rather as a course offered e.g. after work or during special traing days?
The outcome of the session was most interesting in terms of “feedback from practice” and will be considered in the training scheme. Thomas Metz recommends (among others) to focus the training on young professionals (1-3 years of professional experience). As very important he identified our modules on communication and participation (coping with volunteers and citizens’ initiatives for heritage sites). The single training units should be independent from each other in order to allow a kind of “quick access” on information. He regards certification as very important as people at the start of their career will be very interested to get a kind of certificate. He suggested gto get in touch with institutions which already have training offers and include the HERITAGE-PRO training into their schemes (at Chambers of Architects, Chambers of Economy, Chambers of Crafts, communal academies etc). Overall, Thomas Metz stated very clearly: “What I have read so far about the training scheme is really good, it’s what we need in further education for our staff.” Thanks, Thomas and Emine, for taking the time and discussing with us in so many details!
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