Multiplier Event: HERITAGE-PRO modules presented to students of the Vienna University of Technology

The “Research Department Project Development and Management” of the Vienna University of Technology cooperated with HERITAGE-PRO partner IPRE in the Austrian Multiplier Event. Professor Dietmar Wiegand, managing director of IPRE, integrated the HERITAGE-PRO learning material into university teaching this semester as part of the Master’s module Real Estate Development. The students of spatial planning and architecture and possible future heritage manager were given the HERITAGE-PRO module as a tool to rethink and reinterpret the subsequent use of two properties.

The presentations of the developed projects took place on 28.06.2021. Dietmar Wiegand and Dipl.-Ing. Jutta Kleedorfer (former project coordinator “Multiple Use”, City of Vienna) supervised the students during the semester while they worked on their projects. Dr. Karin Drda-Kühn (coordinator of the HERITAGE-PRO project) honoured the final presentations as a guest critic and thus offered the participants the opportunity to expand and consolidate what they had learned with the help of her input and feedback.

Students were able to practice interdisciplinary work during the semester, choosing from two different projects: Re-interpreting the use of the Floridsdorf water tower or the stables of the former Krieau trotting track in Vienna. As both projects had to take into account requirements of historic preservation, the course integrated Module 3 of the HERITAGE-PRO training material, valorisation of cultural heritage and gave an outlook on all other modules and outputs.

Thanks to the current Covid arrangements and appropriate preparation and coordination, the 15 project presentations by 47 students could be presented both on-site and digitally as part of a hybrid event. Many students took advantage of this opportunity to finally – and in some cases for the first time – meet in person which was regarded as an added value after months of locked down cooperation.

Picture credits: IPRE

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