Practising interdisciplinary cooperation: Heritage-Pro partners meet in Varberg / Sweden

Preparations are in full swing: On September 30 and October 1 the third meeting of the project partners of the Erasmus+ project Heritage-Pro will take place. Following an invitation of our Swedish partners Christer Gustafsson and Jermina Stanojev (RESTRADE) the project team will be welcomed in Varberg/Province Halland in Sweden.

The project meeting will focus on discussing the training modules for interdisciplinary vocational training in European cultural heritage management that were completed during the summer of 2019. In a way, HERITAGE-PRO team members feel like their own guinea pigs: With so many different professional backgrounds ranging from restoration, regional development, creative industries, cultural management and facility management, the team experienced interdisciplinary cooperation while developing the future training scheme. And it is a hard job!

However, the first drafts of the traing modules are successfully written, or better “co-created”. In addition to organisational issues, further steps of the project will also be discussed in Varberg: These include the preparation of guidelines for cultural heritage managers and a training kit for the easy application of all materials produced within the project.

Using practical examples, the European project partners from Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Austria and Germany will get to know good practices of cultural heritage management and the preservation of cultural heritage sites in Sweden. The team will visit historic sites in the city of Varberg and the historic radio station Grimeton. The Grimeton radio station and its long-wave transmitter went into operation in 1924. Together with the associated museum, it is a good example of the successful preservation and management of industrial heritage in Europe. In 2004, the transmitter was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So the whole team looks forward to seeing the European partners and friends and to continue to successfully promote interdisciplinary management of the European cultural heritage!

(Have a look at our wonderful picture: it is Kallbadhus in Varberg provided by Pixabay CC.)

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