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EU Heritage – Skills for promotion, valorisation, exploitation, mediation and interpretation of European Cultural Heritage 

EU Heritage is an Erasmus+ funded (Sector Skills Alliances) transnational initiative bringing together 10 partners from 7 EU countries. Through an interrelated set of eight WPs, partners will jointly address the shortage of transversal, transferable, and digital skills in the field of heritage promotion, valorisation, exploitation, mediation and interpretation. 

A new transnational curriculum

The project partnership will work over 36 months (2019-2021) to create a new transnational curriculum for cultural heritage operators working in the field of heritage. The curriculum that will be jointly developed will focus in particular on digital skills, transferable and transversal competences, soft skills, and skills connected to “experience tourism” in the field of cultural heritage.

EU Heritage focuses on an experiential approach and will deploy a cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary methodology that will enhance the potentials of connecting the heritage sector with other sectors.

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FINCH project

FINCH is the acronym of “Financing impact on regional development of cultural heritage valorisation”  a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Norwegian national funding through the INTERREG EUROPE Programme 2014 -2020.

FINCH brings together 8 partners from 7 regions in Europe who are sharing the same commitment regarding the protection of cultural heritage relying on its potential impact on growth and jobs, which could lead to long-term social and economic benefits.

This collaboration faces the challenge of conservation, restoration, valorisation and management of cultural heritage with the involvement of private actors. Financing investments in heritage will assure its conservation in a dynamic and productive perspective, attracting and incubating new activities, revitalising already existing ones, improving people general wellness and assuring environmental sustainability.

FINCH project will help European regions to improve their policies in this field. It will support the implementation of light financial instruments targeted to private actors and Public-Private Partnerships and will enable local and regional policies to move towards to more sustainable models of cultural heritage valorization.

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ILUCIDARE is a three-year project supported by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union. ILUCIDARE is establishing an international network to promote heritage as a resource for innovation and international cooperation through a diversity of collaborative activities throughout the world. The project will demonstrate and advocate for the importance of heritage in its diverse forms for communities’ well-being, social and economic innovation as well as international peaceful relations from the local to the international level.

Over three years, ILUCIDARE will develop:

  • Capacity building sessions and engaging events in 12 locations in the EU, the Western Balkans, South America, the Middle East, Northern, and Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • 4 special ILUCIDARE Prizes within the European Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards for innovation and international relations;
  • 3 international conferences ‘ILUCIDARE Playground’ to stimulate cross-disciplinary innovation;
  • 1 ILUCIDARE challenge rewarding creative ideas and changemakers in the addressed fields;
  • 1 MOOC and academic training courses;
  • 1 Innovation & International Relations handbook and a how-to guide on innovation and international cultural relations in heritage.

The ILUCIDARE network provides interactive learning opportunities to exchange knowledge as well as spaces to engage with a variety of stakeholders around the world: cultural heritage professionals, entrepreneurs and business support organisations, education and research communities, governmental bodies, civil society organisations, and international institutions.

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ILUCIDARE project is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in a LinkedIn group – you are very welcome to join.