A transdisciplinary capacity-building training scheme is the most important outcome of HERITAGE-PRO. It  will train our traget groups in understanding the different mind-sets and expectations of actors related to preservation of cultural heritage in Europe.

The training scheme will consist of six modules (tentative), organized as a seminar of six half-day units. They can be offered as a vocational training in parallel to work, during the week or on week-ends. They will be offered on this website for download and can also be done as an eLearning course.

The final English version will be available in autumn 2019. Translated versions in German, Spanish and Swedish will be available from January 2020.

If you are representing an institution which would like to test the training scheme, you are very welcome! Please contact the coordinator at heritage-pro(at)kultur-und-arbeit.de or phone +49 7931 56 36 374 for further information.