HERITAGE-PRO Training Modules for Cultural Heritage Managers Online!

As a rule, many different disciplines are required in preservation measures in cultural heritage: historians, restorers, craftspeople. But understanding in interdisciplinary cooperation can be difficult, especially when it is necessary to involve professionals who do not have to deal with cultural heritage on a daily basis, such as experts from the energy sector, regional planning or tourism. For this reason, the HERITAGE-PRO interdisciplinary team from the fields of art and building history, regional and local planning, further education and cultural management developed a training programme to provide assistance to young cultural heritage managers. 

Five interdisciplinary training modules are now online. They contribute to the sustainable preservation and management of European cultural heritage. The training is aimed at cultural heritage managers of architectural monuments such as buildings or archaeological sites, but also at administrators of movable objects, for example in libraries or museums. The training is designed as a self-learning course, but can also be taken as a course by educational institutions. By the end of the year, the training modules will be supplemented by additional materials such as a manual on implementation and a template set for recurring processes and tasks.

Five Key Issues in Cultural Heritage

The training programme consists of five modules dealing with the topics

  1. Global challenges and opportunities in the field of cultural heritage
  2. Efficient team working and effective interdisciplinary conflict resolution
  3. Valorisation of cultural heritage
  4. Civic participation in the preservation of cultural heritage; and
  5. Effective communication in an interdisciplinary environment

Over the past few months, around 25 cultural heritage experts from six European countries have evaluated the relevance of the content and practicality of the exercises – and agreed on the training modules. First and foremost, the training programme is aimed at young managers in the first years of their career, but the testers consistently believed that even very experienced managers will find many suggestions and new instruments in it.

Based on information, examples and exercises, the traing scheme deals, for example, with the foreseeable climatic or organisational challenges facing cultural heritage managers, conflict management in interdisciplinary teams or how citizenship can be integrated into preservation measures.

The modules are available online and free of charge in English and German. A Spanish and Swedish version will be available soon.

(Picture credit: Isabel Verdet / ENCATC)

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